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Winter Grooming FAQ

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When the weather cools down it seems like coat care gets a little more complicated for owners, so we’ve compiled a quick FAQ to help guide you through winter grooming dos and don’ts.

Can I trim my dog’s coat?

Absolutely. If shedding or matting are an issue for your pet, you can certainly take longer coats down a bit to curb the issue. The trick is to not go too short or too thin if you’re in a place where temperatures reach freezing. Try grooming shears that are designed for light to medium trimming.

What about bathing? I worry it’s too cold to get my dog sopping wet.

While we’re sure your dog appreciates the consideration, washing their coat is good for their fur and skin and should be done at least once throughout the winter months. The key is to make sure they’re completely dry before heading back outside in the cold; you can opt for a blow dryer if your pet will let you, or even a waterless shampoo if you’re worried.

Fleas aren’t an issue this time of year, right?

We wish this were the case. While the threat is a lot less imminent, they can survive in warmer places like a barn or doghouse – so don’t abandon your regular prevention regime just because it’s cold out.

Can snow be harmful to my pet’s paw pads?

While walking on snow itself is perfectly ok, the melting salts some people put on the sidewalks can cause burning. Get into the habit of surveying your pet’s paws when they come inside and rid them of any clumps of snow or residual salt they may have walked through.

Will brushing promote or spread dry, itchy skin?

No. In fact, if you’ve avoided winter bathing then brushing is the second best thing you can do, as it spreads their natural oils while curbing shedding and matting. Try this double-sided brush to add shine and remove loose hair and tangles.

We’d love to offer any help we can in keeping your pet happy and healthy this winter – if you have any other questions about cold-weather coat care, feel free to ask us on Facebook!

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