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Winter Dog Hygiene: Do’s and Don’ts

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When cold weather hits it can bring up a lot of questions regarding what’s okay to do with your dog’s coat. Many people are hesitant to bathe or cut their dog’s fur because of the chill in the air, which is an understandable (and expected) concern. Not to worry folks, below is a quick checklist of acceptable winter dog hygiene – but we’ll give you a hint: you should be keeping up with everything regardless of the temperature.

Baths: Yes!

It’s okay to give your dog a bath in the winter, especially those with coats that easily mat. Just be sure your dog’s completely dry before going back outside. (Or, you can always opt for a waterless shampoo.)

Short Cuts: No!

Of course it’s recommended to keep your dog’s coat contained in the winter. But, we recommend going for a longer cut as their coat doesn’t just warm them. A dog’s coat also regulates their temperature in both directions through insulation and release, making some fur necessary.

Brushing: Yes! 

Remember to brush! Brushing helps avoid matting, reduce shedding, and distribute their natural oils. These oils can help keep skin moisturized in these drier months.

Paw Care: Yes!

Get into the habit of wiping your pet’s paws after a winter outing; not only for your carpets, but it’s a good opportunity to make sure there isn’t any ice or harmful salt wedged in their paw pads which can cause discomfort. And, of course, don’t forget to keep their nails trimmed enough that they clear the floor when walking.

PS – Fleas shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s important to maintain a regular flea prevention regimen to be safe – especially if you live in a place where winters are relatively mild. Remember that pesky fleas can still live in a warm pet bed, barn, or doghouse for months into winter, so don’t let your guard down.

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