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April 29th is World Veterinary Day, a shout out to the humans who help us treat and understand our animals better. Think about the world without veterinarians… It’s actually kind of terrifying. Think of all the times, especially as a new pet owner, that you consulted your veterinarian about important health matters and how to help your best friend. While we can never thank or appreciate these healthcare professionals enough, we can give a shout out to a few renowned vets that have helped forge new paths and really spread the word on pet care. But, in honor of World Veterinary Day, consider getting your vet a little something to say thank you for their dedication and patience in ensuring your pet lives a healthy life.

  • Louis J. Camuti – The first vet to dedicate his entire practice to cats, and is honored for doing such through the Dr. Louis J. Camuti Memorial Fund at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Feline Health Center, which continues his mission of focusing on feline health.
  • Robert Cook – Cook focused on equine health and found that bits contribute to both health and behavioral issues in horses and heavily endorsed the bitless bridle.
  • Paul Pion – This guy is the vet cardiologist who made the connection that cats need taurine to prevent hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, saving countless feline lives.
  • Buster Lloyd-Jones – During his practice he was among the most sought after vets in Great Britain. A gentle, big-hearted man, Dr. Lloyd-Jones took in and cared for sick, injured, and abandoned animals during WWII.
  • Marty Becker – Becker is considered “America’s Veterinarian” for his active role in advocating and educating people in quality pet care. In a time when information comes quick and continues to change, we need vets like Dr. Becker to communicate and access these developments.

Two paws up for these, and all, veterinarians who make the difference in the lives of our beloved animals. What do you love most about your vet? Tell us on Facebook!

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