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Tips for Keeping Kitty Cool This Summer

As the temperature rises and the sun continues to shine, it’s important to remember our feline friends and all their furry glory. Cats don’t have the luxury we do of stripping down to their swimsuits and doing a cannonball into the water, so it’s imperative we help them stay cool. Here are a few tips to keep kitty happy and healthy this summer:

  • Brush your cat daily. Matted fur traps heat, so keeping up on your cats’ grooming is one small thing you can do to keep them cool. Products such as Spray-On Waterless Shampoo and the Double Sided Brush offer easy cleaning and help keep cats’ fur untangled.
  • Make sure they have enough water. Like us, cats consume more water than usual when the temperatures are higher and it’s easy to forget something that isn’t part of your daily routine. Leave yourself a note, or set a reminder on your phone to set out extra water for your cat while you’re gone all day.
  • Close the curtains. Seems simple enough, right? Completing this small task can go a long way for your cats. Closing the curtains keeps the cool air in and the warm heat out, helping your feline friends stay cool inside.
  • Two words: air conditioning. Some of the same things you do to stay cool yourself can also be helpful for your cat. Turn on a fan or the AC unit for a while to send a nice breeze through the house while you’re gone.
  • Provide a shady area outdoors. Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean your cat should have to spend the day inside. Put up an umbrella or another structure to provide a bit of shade and your feline friends and safely enjoy the outdoors.



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