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The Truth about Black Cats (or Lack Thereof)

black cat

November 17 is National Black Cat Day, a small shout out to one of one of the most misrepresented pets out there. It’s a sad fact that black cats get adopted out at a lesser rate than their peers, but we’re not exactly sure why. We all know the superstition that black cats are bad luck, but did you know there are so many other cultural rumors out there about these guys? As a tribute to the day, we’ve wrangled together some of the hearsay about black cats, both good and bad, in an attempt to show that nobody knows what they’re talking about and black cats are just like any other fabulous feline.

  • Black cats are lucky. (Asia & U.K.)
  • It’s lucky to own a black cat, but unlucky to have one cross your path. (England)
  • A black cat crossing a funeral is forecasting another death in the family.
  • If someone is sick, they’ll die if a black cat lies on their bed. (Italy)
  • A black cat on the porch brings prosperity. (Scotland)2
  • A black cat walking toward you is bringing luck; a black cat walking away is taking luck with it.
  • Because they’re nocturnal, black cats are supernatural servants of witches, if not the witches themselves.

Clearly there’s something captivating and special about black cats, as they’re pretty much the only pet people have been gossiping about since 3000 B.C. (and no, that doesn’t stand for Black Cat.)  But the bottom line is this: black cats are just like any other cat, which makes them purrfect companions in our book.

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