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Spring Cleaning – for Pets!

At last, spring has sprung and you can finally open your windows for some crisp, fresh air – which, for us, usually prompts a good house cleaning to welcome the freshness from the inside out. So you’ve shampooed the carpets, scrubbed the bathrooms, dusted your floorboards, and even got the fridge and oven sparkling clean – there’s only one thing left: your pet. And we’re here to help! So get the tub, bucket, or hose ready, throw on some rubber gloves and make sure you have what you need to get your pet looking and smelling as fresh as the rest of your home.

  • Whatever your pet’s coat needs, we’ve got it. We offer a variety of wonderful Miracle Coat shampoos that boast natural ingredients and range from the convenient Foaming Waterless to our soothing Oatmeal Formula and nourishing Botanical and Essential Oils.
  • Don’t forget to brush! Brushing and combing helps distribute the coat’s natural oils to give shine while also reducing shedding. Whatever your pet’s fur type, we bet we have the brush for it.
  • Lastly, their nails. Keeping pets’ nails trim isn’t just about aesthetics – if they get too long they can become painful and even break causing injury. But, for some pet owners, clipping their pet’s nails can be a tricky (and potentially bloody) task. The QuickFinder gives lighted cues that tell owners when it’s safe to clip or if they’re too close to the quick.
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