Miracle Care


Soap, Suds, and Furriends

So it is time for your pup to get a bath and you notice you ran out of shampoo. Instead of running to the drug store and buying a shampoo that seems to have a one-size-fits-all look, you might want to reconsider. Miracle Coat shampoo is specially designed to focus on your breed of dog and is made in the USA with gentle formulas and natural ingredients. Whether your dog has long and silky hair, thick and dense hair, sensitive skin, short and smooth hair, or anything else, Miracle Coat has the best shampoo for your dog. Some of our specialty shampoos are:


  • Long and Silky-provides extra conditioning
  • Thick and Dense-creates low sudsing so rinsing is easier
  • Sensitive Skin-locks in natural moisture
  • Short and Smooth-contains oatmeal so skin does not get dry
  • Conditioning-loosens tangles
  • Skin Soothing-contains vitamin E, wheat germ oil, botanicals, and oatmeal for healthy shine

Waterless Baths

Miracle Coat Waterless Shampoo helps with dogs who do not like bath time. The waterless shampoo has a quiet sprayer and is rinse less. All you have to do is spray onto your dog’s coat, massage, towel dry, and brush. If your dog’s coat needs an extra boost of shine, Miracle Coat Lusterizer Spray helps detangle while adding shine and allowing skin to retain its natural moisture.

Grooming Tools

To boost the look and feel of your dog’s coat after his bath, use the Miracle Coat Slicker Brush. The Slicker Brush has soft pads and flexible pins to reach your dog’s undercoat and help reduce shedding. For dogs with very thick coats, the Miracle Coat Shedding Blade captures any loose hairs and reaches all the way down to your dog’s undercoat. By keeping up with your dog’s grooming needs your dog will have a beautiful, healthy coat in no time.

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