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Should Dogs be Shaved in the Summer?

German shepherd dog laying down on grass

As the weather
warms up, more owners become concerned with their pet’s comfort. That’s because
to us it seems like they’re wearing a mink coat in the heat of summer but, for
them, it’s just business as usual. So, it begs the question: should you shave
your dog during summer?

Think of your
pet’s fur as a natural thermostat, maintaining a comfortable temperature by
absorbing or diffusing heat through its layers. When you shave their coat too
low, it not only rids them of this natural regulation but increases their
chance of getting sunburned (which can cause skin cancer.)

That’s not to say
you can’t give your buddy a sweet summer cut, as a shorter coat is certainly
cleaner and more manageable (especially for those water dogs.) If you haven’t
groomed your pet at home before, it’s probably best to leave it to a pro; but
if you feel comfortable giving your pal a trim, it’s important to have the
right tools so we’ve carefully crafted all of our shears to be consistently sharp for
touch-ups around the face, paws, and tail. Be sure never to shave down to the
skin or rough cut the fur with scissors.

And, of course, it’s
fine to leave their coat alone – we’re sure you’re well aware that they’ll shed
the bulk of that undercoat as the weather warms up. But, if you opt to keep it
longer, just be sure to keep it cleaned and brushed to enhance air circulation
and keep skin healthy.

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