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Purebred Pups: A Brief History


Nowadays, we hear all about pure breeds; people pay top dollar for ‘pure bloodlines’ and ‘strong lineage’ – but we started wondering: where did it all come from? Once we started digging into the history of it all, it actually started to get pretty complicated… but here’s our best effort to uncover the findings.

  • A purebred dog, by definition, is a dog with a registered pedigree to prove the mother and father are the same breed. Once registered with a kennel club (like the AKC), the owner receives papers with the dog’s family tree and that respective dog’s registration papers. Essentially, the registration papers (and the vetting process by the kennel club) are what designates a dog as purebred.
  • Purebred dogs were created through selective breeding. Meaning, if a dog had a desirable trait (temperament, intelligence, aesthetics, etc.) it was kept to breed while pups inconsistent with the desired outcome were not selected to mate. Needless to say, it’s taken a long time to establish the breeds we see today, which vary greatly from their feral ancestors.
  • Dogs came to be our companions through a symbiotic relationship – wolves used to follow tribes of men and forage their leftovers once they’ve moved on; eventually humans recognized their function for protection and companionship, and the process of ‘befriending’ them began. (Man, we are glad we weren’t on the forefront of that development! Yikes.)
  • Different parts of the world bred dogs for different reasons. In snowy mountainous regions, large working dogs, like the Saint Bernard, were integral. But in other parts of the world, like Asia, lap dogs were desired for companionship, protection, and even vermin control. That’s how breeds can vary so greatly, because dogs’ ancestors evolved based on the region they developed in and (obviously) Germany is nothing like Asia when it comes to climate and terrain.
  • Furthermore, there are pups that are considered “mutts” and “hybrids.” A mutt (which is not an insult, by the way!) is any combination of dogs that aren’t purebred; while a hybrid is a combination of two pure breeds (like the Golden Doodle.) Hybrids are gaining popularity because you can mix the best of both worlds; Golden Doodles, for example, are friendly and agile like Retrievers and smart and easy to groom like Poodles.

Shameless Plug: It’s undeniable that purebred dogs have more food sensitivities than their compounded counterparts, making an easy-to-digest raw diet an excellent way of keeping them happy, healthy, and looking their best. Plus, Raw Naturals® makes it easy – all you have to do is measure the freeze dried formula or portion a Patty for all the benefits of a pure diet.

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