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Puppy Grooming 101

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Puppy Grooming 101

When it comes to pet care, regular grooming is simply part of it. Some breeds require more upkeep than others but skin, teeth, and nails must be taken care of no matter what type of dog you’re dealing with. If you recently got a puppy, guess what? They’ll need to be groomed too. The good news is they’re young and open to new experiences! So, you can gently introduce them to the process because, let’s face it, buzzing clippers and loud blow dryers can be scary. Here are a few puppy grooming tips to help set the stage for great grooming in the years to come.

Introduce the Tools. 

Leave the brushnail clippers or dremel, toothbrush, and (if needed) hair dryer out and let your puppy explore them. Be sure it’s a calm environment so nothing startles them.

Practice in Advance. 

Brush them, put your fingers in their mouth to look at their teeth, handle their paws, pet their belly and tail. Get them used to, and trusting of, being handled.

Start Slowly. 

Once your pet’s sniffed the tools and doesn’t seem wary (and keep in mind this should be over the course of a few days), hold one tool in your hand and pet them with the other. Slowly put the brush or nail clipper up to the desired area and use soothing tones and treats.

Pro-Tip: If your pet pulls away, let them. Just continue to use calming tones and come back to it until their anxiety subsides.

Get Help. 

At-home grooming is best as a two-person job so one person can hold and soothe the animal while the other slowly and carefully completes the mission.

Anytime you’re training a puppy positive reinforcement is key and this is no different. Treat and praise your puppy any time they show bravery whether it’s exploring the tools, letting you hold their paw for an extended amount of time, or just throughout the process to keep them calm.

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