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Easy Grow Catnip Plus

Premium catnip that cats go bonkers for! Pure fun and irresistible lure for cats. CatNip Plus brings fresh, live catnip indoors. CatNip Plus contains premium cat nip seed to ensure the full flavor and aroma of fresh catnip. Planting soil contains Plantagel, a water-absorbent agent that keep seeds moist, and Vermiculite, to allow for better drainage and healthier plants. Catnip grows straight from the container.

UPC: 073101747891

ITEM #: 418780

Wheat or oat seed, vermiculite and Plantagel (potassium propenoate and propenamide copolymers). Plantagel is a non-toxic water absorption agent.

Water as needed to sprout. Allow pet to nibble as desired.

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