Miracle Care


Cat Grass

Miracle Care Cat Grass

Grow fresh, natural grass straight from the bag in just one week. Grass satisfies a cat’s natural craving for grass while providing phytonutrients and aiding in digestion.

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ITEM #: 418715

Grass Seed. May contain one or more of the following grass seeds; barley, oats, and or wheat; vermiculite.

1. Cut the bag open along the marked line.
2. Open the clipping and wet the granules with
one cup of lukewarm water evenly. Close the
3. Place the closed bag in a warm and light place,
avoiding direct sunlight.
4. After 3 days the grass will germinate. Keep
moderately wet, like flowers.
5. Within 8 days the clipping opens up and grass
will grow to full height.
6. When the grass has reached a height of 2-4
inches, serve it to your cat.

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