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Pet Cancer Awareness

dog wearing a stethescope

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month; prevention and early detection is just as important for our beloved pets. Of course there’s no 100% way to prevent cancer in your pet but there are certainly ways to be ahead of the curve. There are three things we consider non-negotiable efforts when it comes to being proactive in pet cancer detection:

  • Pay Attention. Take the time to thoroughly pet your animal on a daily basis, paying keen attention to any new lumps or sensitive areas. If you feel a lump, make sure you monitor it for any changes (we usually take a picture) and report everything to your veterinarian. Which brings us to the next non-negotiable…
  • Routine Veterinary Visits. Just like in humans, early detection can be the difference between winning and losing the battle with cancer. These visits are your opportunity to discuss any changes or concerns either one of you may have regarding your pet, so don’t skip the chance for professional assessment. And, if there’s something you’re worried about, don’t wait for your regular check up to roll around – just make an appointment.
  • Diet and Exercise. Again, just like in humans, diet and exercise play a tremendous role in pets’ health and wellbeing. There’s some debate about which diet is truly optimal, but one thing researchers agree on is that grains and carbohydrates have no business in your pet’s belly. Opt for diets rich in proteins, fruits, and veggies (think: ingredients you can pronounce) – and do your research on the brands processing and resourcing when possible. And, of course, getting their heart rate up regularly does a body good: it burns excess body weight, releases endorphins, and stimulates the lymph system which is responsible for flushing out harmful toxins.
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