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Pet Bathing – Mistakes to Avoid

pet bathing

For pets who
require regular grooming, learning to do so at home is obviously the most
economic way for owners to keep up with their needs. But, like all things, you
run the risk of doing it wrong when you don’t enlist the help of a
professional. Not to worry, though! Not only do we make every grooming tool you could possibly
need, but we’re rattling off the most common bathing mistakes you should do
your best to avoid.

  • Water in their
    Do everything in your power to avoid water going into their ears, even
    if it means skipping the shampoo and using a washcloth to rinse their head.
    Even if you’re careful, do your best to dry inside their ears with a dry towel
    when finished. (And, of course, avoid their eyes too!)
  • Not Rinsing
    It’s important to make sure their fur is totally devoid of any soap or
    shampoo by thoroughly rinsing them.
    We know it can be a challenge to keep them in the tub, but it’s important in
    preventing skin dryness or irritation.
  • Not Brushing them
    Before Bathing.
    Giving your pet a good brush before bathing will help
    reduce shedding and matting.
  • Clipping the
    A painful and easy mistake to make is clipping their nails too short
    and causing bleeding. It’s important to use the right tools when clipping their nails or
    leave it to a professional if needed. If your pet will let you, just clip a
    little bit at a time to push the quick back which makes for trim, comfortable

We know at-home
bathing can be a challenge, but knowing what NOT to do can only make you
better! What are some of your grooming tricks and tips? Tell us more on Facebook!

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