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Opinion, What Do You Think Of Acupuncture For Pets?

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Opinion, What Do You Think of Acupuncture Therapy for Pets?

Acupuncture has been a part of Eastern medicine for thousands of years.  Acupuncture is a practice that involves placing needles in certain ‘energy channels’ of the body.  It’s used in an attempt to promote circulation and in the release of hormones to bring healing and balance back into the body.

For those with an aversion to needles, it sounds horrific. Why on earth would I want needles stuck in me?  In contrast, many humans feel that acupuncture is a trusted (and calming) form of pain relief and healing. There are always two sides, right?

So, lets talk trends. We all know that human trends inevitably move towards pets. We see it in clothing, bedding and even more in food and treats.  Will acupuncture follow?  The answer is yes, there are several certified veterinarian acupuncturists performing services for pets.  This has prompted us to ask the question: What do you think of acupuncture for pets?

The Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine will say first of all, that there isn’t enough evidence to recommend or reject acupuncture for pets. They’ll also say that most evidence in support of it is unreliable. With that said, more and more pet owners are exploring it as a natural treatment option for their beloved animals.

If you consider exploring this option, it’s important to know the various types of acupuncture:


Administration of pressure to acupuncture points; used for hard-to-reach places or hard-to-calm pets.


Injection of homeopathic liquids to push tissue out of the way and promote healing.


The application of a heated Chinese herbal compound to the needles; may be beneficial for older pets or those suffering from joint stiffness and/or muscular soreness.


An electric current courses into the body between needles; this treatment is said to relax muscle spasms and can help repair nerve damage.


Using laser energy to stimulate acupuncture points;  an option for pet patients that don’t easily tolerate needle insertion.

We’re all about finding natural ways to treat our pets and give them a better quality of life. Likewise, we always recommend talking with your veterinarian to hear their experiences, both good and bad, before exploring any treatment options.

Now we want to hear from you.  What do you think about acupuncture?  If you’ve tried acupuncture for your pet, we’d love to hear your story on Facebook!

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