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Oldies but Besties: 5 Reasons Senior Dogs are the Best

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Senior Dogs are the Best!

Maybe it’s just us, but we find older pets to be the most endearing animals on the planet. November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, intended to bring these classics to the forefront and get them into loving forever homes. It’s a sad fact that not only are older animals given up for adoption, but they’re often overlooked for the younger pups – giving them a sometimes sad and heartbroken final chapter. But you can change that! We know that caring for an older animal can be difficult, but we’re dishing up 5 reasons you can’t say no.

1. What You See is What You Get.

There’s no guessing with older pets, their personalities and physical traits are already established and anything you need to know about them is already known and available.

2. They Know their Manners.

Older pets have already learned what’s appropriate to chew, pee, and snack on, making them easier to incorporate into your household than a puppy or adolescent dog.

3. They Enjoy Relaxing, too.

A senior pet won’t be bouncing off the walls for a morning walk or breakfast. All they really want is to relax. And we think that’s perfect.

4. Affectionate and Loving.

Not only do older pets have years of experience in being buddies, they are some of the most appreciative adoptees at the shelter. Most senior pets have experienced a loving home at some point in their life so they recognize and appreciate the chance at another one.

5. Truly Gratifying.

Knowing you gave a senior companion a loving last chapter is a special and fulfilling feeling. While it’s may not be for everyone, adopting a senior pet is saving a life… and we have no doubt that it means everything to that animal.

Check with your shelter to see if they’re running any sort of special on adopting or fostering senior pets, it could be the best thing you do all year.

Like we said, we’re suckers for senior pets so show us your gray-faced babes on Facebook!

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