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National Hug Your Hound Day: How Fido Feels

woman hugging her puppy

The second Sunday of September marks National Hug Your Hound Day, obviously intended to prompt showing our D-O-G’s a little more T-L-C… but not necessarily in the physical way. According to our research, Hug Your Hound Day is best spent seeing the world for your dog’s perspective and ensuring that their environment is the healthiest and happiest it can be. Of course, it sounds a little weird, but think about it: there’s a lot we don’t see from their P.O.V. Does their water bowl smell fresh? What about their bed? Their collar? Are there things under the couch they could potentially get a hold of and choke on?  Is the backyard clean and ready to run in? All of these things contribute to your pet’s health and well-being and can easily be overlooked from where we stand – so get involved! It may be laughable, but look at your house from your pet’s perspective even if just for 15 minutes… we bet you’ll be surprised!

From a physical standpoint, ‘hugging’ dogs gets a little, well, fuzzy. It’s certainly not recommended to hug any unfamiliar dogs, and whether your pet likes to be cuddled or not is truly their personal preference; heck, with our dogs it varies daily! Some days they’ll want to be in our laps and showered with love, other times they hang back and demonstrate a more independent frame of mind. But, you know your dog best and however you choose to spend the day just make sure Buddy knows he’s adored.

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