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Whenever our pet steps on our feet or wants to get on our lap, we try discouraging it because of the sharp edges of their nails can hurt. Their rough nails can also get caught on carpet and even tear up couches, not making us happy pet parents. To have the fresh-out-of-the-salon nails, try our Nail Shaper, which creates a soft, smooth nail in one easy step. Just place nail inside the barrel and twist back and forth. This process of shaping your pets nails is pain free and does not burn them, making it convenient for you and your pet.

Importance of Proper Nail Trimming

  • Not trimming nails can result in pain and discomfort
  • The quick will continue to grow more towards the tip as the nail grows, making it hard for the nail to be cut short, and you will need to train the quick to be minimized with frequent trimmings after that
  • Nails can curl and puncture paw pads causing major pain and infection
  • Nails can also split and fray, causing discomfort

Make Trimming Your Pets Nails a Good Experience

  • Reward your pet with his/her favorite Stewart® Raw Naturals treats
  • Do not yell or get mad at your pet for refusing to get his/her nails trimmed, which could scare them and make the process harder each time
  • Take it slow and do not rush or frighten your pet with the nail trimming process
  • If you have a pet who has sensitive feet try touching them more often, not just at times when trimming nails, to help them get used to the feeling

Nail trimming is something every pet needs to have done in order to have a happy, healthy life, so help your pet with this process by being calm and understanding. Following these tips along with the help of the QuickFinder® tool will help the nail trimming experience be more enjoyable for you and your pet. For information about how to use the QuickFinder, click here.

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