Miracle Care


Miracle Coat Double Sided Brush

groomingGrooming your pet is a regular duty for all pet parents, so why go through the hassle of using a dozen different tools for just one job? Miracle Coat has convenient and easy- to- use tools that provide superb outcomes for your furry friend. Our small, double-sided brush serves two purposes.

  •  On one side, wire pins separate and untangle the hair. Each pin is coated for comfort to assure they do not scratch the skin.
  •  The other side features bristles to finish the coat and distribute natural oils that keep it shiny and healthy.

In one swift step you will be able to detangle and groom your pet, giving you extra time to bond with each other. Miracle Coat will help any grooming needs you may have, whether it is trimming nails, needing specialty shampoos, or de-shedding, we are able to inform and direct you to the perfect product for you and your pet.

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