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Minding their Feet in the Heat

Morning walk with dog at the sunrise

We see it every
year: an owner with wonderful intentions walking or running their pet in the
heat of day. Sure, the benefits of exercise aren’t to be ignored, but neither
should the blistering temperatures of the sidewalk, sand, or asphalt. Even the
most responsible pet owners, the ones who bring extra water on outings, know
the signs of overheating, and would never in a million years leave their pet in
a hot car, frequently space the fact that mid-day exercise isn’t the safest
choice for a few reasons.

It’s a common
misconception that our dogs still share a lot of the rugged and more resistant
traits of the wild dogs they evolved from, but most of the furbabes that sleep
with us and get served raw diets in a bowl twice a day aren’t quite so tough.
During high temperatures, their paw pads run the risk of burning and
blistering, much like our hands and feet would if we suddenly started walking
outside in the heat of day. Your dog’s paw pads play a big role in their sense
of survival and everyday functioning so avoid the risk of injury, discomfort,
and possible infection by waiting until the sun’s not blazing to take them on
their most-appreciated walk.

But not to worry!
We know you’d never intentionally harm your pet’s feet so we’re sharing the
very quick and easy way to tell if the walk should wait: place the back of your palm on the pavement for five seconds, if you
can’t keep it there: the pavement is too hot for your dog’s paws.
on grass may be safer, but the best thing to do is wait until a cooler time of
day to leash up. 

If your pet
suffers a paw pad injury, rinse the wound with cool/room temperature water and
do your best to clear any debris that may have formed. For minor burns, apply a
cooling balm that promotes healing and consider wrapping the paws if your pup
will let you. If the burns seem severe, let your veterinarian treat them and
vow to never walk your dog in the mid-day’s heat again!

Has your pet suffered a
paw pad injury? Tell us how you treated it on Facebook.

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