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Maintain the Mane

Dog owners know that keeping up with coat maintenance is everything. Fur grows fast, and seemingly sheds even faster. Without proper maintenance, dogs may experience tangles and knots that trap dirt and ultimately make the mane look messy and unkempt. So, how do we combat this?

Here are three things that will help you maintain the mane:

1. Grooming
Regular grooming appointments with brushing and detangling in between is ideal for proper coat upkeep. By using the convenient Large Double Sided Brush you can remove loose hair and tangles with one side, and smooth and shine the coat with the other.

2. Coat Care
In addition to regular grooming appointments, your dog should also get regular shampoo and condition treatments. If you choose to do this at home, supplement the treatments with Micro-Protein Coat Support Spray. This coat-strengthening spray penetrates deep into the hair to condition from within, helping to reduce breakage by 80%.

3. Supplements
Believe it or not, supplements that are packed with vitamins and minerals are good for a dog’s overall health, including the coat. We suggest giving your dog the recommended daily dose of Vionate® Vitamin Mineral Powder.

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