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The first week of the month marks Professional Pet Sitters Week, a shout out to the people who care for our pets when we’re gone, something that should be taken incredibly seriously by owners. There are a few benefits to hiring a pet sitter vs. boarding your pet, the biggest being they get to remain in their familiar surroundings at what can be an already strange time (some pets get really weirded out when their owners don’t come home.) On top of avoiding stress and exposure to any illnesses other animals may have, hiring a pet sitter gives your pet individual attention and a small dose of consistency, especially if you’re able to hire the same person (or couple people) each time. In fact, our pets adore the sitter we’ve used for the last few years and it gives us such an immense peace of mind knowing they’re with someone we all trust and like.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all to pet sitters – some people may favor cats over dogs or specialize in bird care, which all matters when considering the person caring for your animal, so it’s important to do your due diligence. Pet Sitters International (the guys behind this whole week) has an awesome list of considerations/interview questions you can print and reference when looking for a pet sitter; there are also some great online resources for finding people who want to care for your animal – like care.com, rover.com, or Pet Sitters International has a searchable database of licensed caregivers.

To ensure the whole process goes smoothly, you should also consider leaving detailed instructions to make sure your pets receive the same love and care they normally get when you’re home. Things like your pets’ walking schedule and where to find the leashes, proper feeding instructions, especially if your pet eats a raw diet, and the name and contact information for your veterinarian are good things to write down.

Not to be dramatic, but when it comes to handing someone the keys to your home and the well being of your animal, it’s nothing to be taken lightly. Be sure you leave your pets with someone you know will care for them almost as well as you do and respect your home the same way, too.

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