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Let’s Brush Up on Grooming Tools

grooming brushBristles, combs, and brushes, oh my! When it comes to shopping for the right grooming tools, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Below is a quick guide to help you figure out which brush is best for your pet.

  • BristleBristle brushes can be used on all fur types and can help add shine when used regularly. The longer your pet’s fur is, the longer and more spaced out the bristles should be.
  • Wire PinGreat for medium to long coats as well as those that are curly. These brushes help to separate and remove loose fur as well as massage the skin.

(Hint: Our Double Sided Brush makes this choice a breeze – it combines the two!)

  • SlickerThese brushes have very fine wire tines to remove mats and tangles.

Brushing not only helps with shedding, it stimulates the skin and disperses your pet’s natural oils to make for a more lustrous coat. But, depending on your pet’s fur type, you may need more than just a brush. When it comes to supplemental tools, there are shedding blades, which are a wonderful for gathering loose fur that would end up on your floor, as well as rakes and combs to help with tangles and penetrate the thick undercoat. Always be sure to brush the same way your pet’s fur naturally grows and gently work at any knots or mats, never tug or pull at them.


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