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We believe in sharing our knowledge so that you can make the best, most informed decisions when choosing products for your pet. We are confident that once you become familiar with the quality and benefits of our Premium Care Products you will find that Miracle Care® is the brand you will trust, just as so many others have for more than 40 years. Stop by often as we add informative articles to enhance your knowledge of our products.

Product Information

  • Spring Cleaning – for Pets! At last, spring has sprung and you can finally open your windows for some crisp, fresh air – which, for us, usually prompts a good house cleaning to welcome the freshness from the inside out. So you’ve shampooed the carpets, … Continue reading
  • Stocking Stuffers For many pet owners, furry family members are no different than the humans during the holidays, which means Fido gets a stocking filled with holiday gifts too! And although our pets may not understand what the celebration is all about, … Continue reading
  • Ear Infections If your dog is scratching his ears or the area around his ears, if there is brown or yellow discharge or you notice redness or swelling of the ears, your dog might have an ear infection. When moisture or debris … Continue reading
  • How To Use Foaming Waterless Shampoo As the creator of the original Waterless Shampoo, we know a thing or two about skin and coat care.  Our waterless shampoo products have made bath time easier and more convenient for those of us with dogs who have an … Continue reading
  • Why Use Spray on Waterless Dog Shampoo Miracle Care offered the very first spray on waterless shampoo created for dogs! Formulated with tea tree oils, this shampoo provides maximum cleanliness, shine, and manageability with minimal effort. It also, helps relieve dryness, hot spots, and skin irritation often … Continue reading
  • Nail Care Salon at Home Whenever our pet steps on our feet or wants to get on our lap, we try discouraging it because of the sharp edges of their nails can hurt. Their rough nails can also get caught on carpet … Continue reading
  • First Aid Miracle Care™ Premium Care Miracle Care has solutions for many ailments, wounds, rashes, and skin irritations. Depending on the circumstance, you many need a different, or many different of our premium care products. Depending on how bad a wound is, … Continue reading
  • Dental Care At least twice a day, we brush our teeth to keep them clean and healthy; well our dogs need the same dental care. Since gum disease and gingivitis are common in many dogs, dental care for your furry companion is … Continue reading
  • Miracle Eyes™ Does your pet have the unsightly tear stains? Miracle Eyes™ can naturally eliminate tear stains! Miracle Eyes™ is a natural antibiotic free tear stain remover that contains no artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. Miracle Eyes™ is a probiotic formula that … Continue reading

Features and Benefits

  • 4 Reasons to Give your Cat Supplements Are they really necessary? Do they really help? These are the questions we often hear when pet supplements are the topic of discussion. The answer is simple: when used as directed, supplements really do help improve your pet’s overall health. … Continue reading
  • Why Supplements are Beneficial Why Use Supplements Many of us take supplements every day to give us a health boost. Since we take care of our own bodies, we should keep in mind the bodies of our four-legged friends. Supplements benefit us as well … Continue reading
  • Upset Stomach Relief Every once in a while your dog may get an upset stomach, so what should you do? Depending on the intensity of the upset stomach you may need to take your dog to the vet, but for mild cases here … Continue reading
  • Soap, Suds, and Furriends So it is time for your pup to get a bath and you notice you ran out of shampoo. Instead of running to the drug store and buying a shampoo that seems to have a one-size-fits-all look, you might want … Continue reading
  • CatGrass® Natural Grass Most cat owners have seen their cat nibble on grass every now and then. This reason is not for nutritional purposes but for digestive support. For cats, there are many benefits to eating grass. Benefits of eating grass: Cats will … Continue reading


  • Guest Contributor – What Animal Is In My Attic?                 No matter what part of the country, animal invaders will find their way into our homes, making nests and shelters in basements and attics. This is a common problem that can only … Continue reading
  • Summer Shaves: Yay or Nay?                           When the weather starts heating up, us humans tend to feel sorry for long haired dogs because it seems comparable to wearing a down jacket for a … Continue reading
  • Purebred Pups: A Brief History Nowadays, we hear all about pure breeds; people pay top dollar for ‘pure bloodlines’ and ‘strong lineage’ – but we started wondering: where did it all come from? Once we started digging into the history of it all, it actually … Continue reading
  • When it Comes to Cancer, Awareness is Key                   It’s the stuff of nightmares to hear anyone you love has cancer, even your pet. But, like any disease or illness, awareness and prevention are paramount.  As with people, spotting the … Continue reading
  • Veterinarians: The Necessary Link                           April 29th is World Veterinary Day, a shout out to the humans who help us treat and understand our animals better. Think about the world without veterinarians… … Continue reading
  • Does Your First Aid Kit Include Pets?                           April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month! Time to make sure your home’s first aid kit is up-to-date and complete – and that, of course, includes your … Continue reading
  • Petting: A Sign of Respect                           March 28 is Respect Your Cat Day and, while we know you adore your feline every day, we want to remind everyone that cats can be a … Continue reading
  • Let’s Talk Pet Sitters                   The first week of the month marks Professional Pet Sitters Week, a shout out to the people who care for our pets when we’re gone, something that should be taken incredibly … Continue reading
  • We’re Talkin’ Teeth: Care Tips & Check-ins                           February is Pet Dental Health Month, intended to bring awareness to the importance of healthy teeth and gums when it comes to pets’ well being – because … Continue reading
  • Choosing the Right Shampoo Just like with humans, dogs have different factors that contribute to the health of their skin and fur, and choosing the wrong shampoo can ultimately work against maintaining it (which completely defeats the purpose.) Not to worry; as the shampros, … Continue reading
  • Winter Grooming FAQ When the weather cools down it seems like coat care gets a little more complicated for owners, so we’ve compiled a quick FAQ to help guide you through winter grooming dos and don’ts. Can I trim my dog’s coat? Absolutely. … Continue reading
  • Considering a Puppy for Christmas? What to Know Prior to Purchasing Alright, Christmas is around the corner and the kids have been begging you for a puppy since May – now’s the time to decide whether or not they’re really going to get one. It’s really easy to romanticize the idea … Continue reading
  • The Truth about Black Cats (or Lack Thereof) November 17 is National Black Cat Day, a small shout out to one of one of the most misrepresented pets out there. It’s a sad fact that black cats get adopted out at a lesser rate than their peers, but … Continue reading
  • Pet Cancer Awareness November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month; prevention and early detection is just as important for our beloved pets. Of course there’s no 100% way to prevent cancer in your pet but there are certainly ways to be ahead of the … Continue reading
  • Feral Cats and You: Ways to Help Sunday, October 16 is Feral Cat Day, aimed toward influencing big-hearted humans to help a community of felines that are misunderstood and sometimes mistreated. If you’re not exactly sure what we’re talking about: feral cats, also known as community cats, … Continue reading
  • Let’s Talk about Pet Wellness There are so many things that contribute to pet wellness that someone dedicated the whole month of October to its importance. From diet and exercise to proper training and socializing, there are a lot of things your pet needs to … Continue reading
  • Cleaning Dogs’ Ears: A Quick How To Ah, the ears of a dog: they certainly can’t be beat in the way of hearing, but they can absolutely get funky and infected. If you see your dog digging at their ears or tilting their head a lot, take … Continue reading
  • National Hug Your Hound Day: How Fido Feels The second Sunday of September marks National Hug Your Hound Day, obviously intended to prompt showing our D-O-G’s a little more T-L-C… but not necessarily in the physical way. According to our research, Hug Your Hound Day is best spent … Continue reading
  • Dogs Who Make a Difference   August 7-12marks International Assistance Dog Week, a nod to the dogs who make it their job to act as their owner’s eyes and ears on a daily basis. These incredible animals endure rigorous training to become an invaluable part … Continue reading
  • Doggy Daycare: What to Look For When you Board With summer travel in our midst, it’s not always feasible to bring our pets along for the fun (despite how badly we wish we could.) While some people may opt for an in-home pet-sitter or having a neighbor stop by … Continue reading
  • Dalmatians and Firehouses: A Brief History July 15 is Pet Fire Safety Day, intended to bring awareness to the importance of considering pets in the event of a fire emergency. To us, nothing symbolizes pet fire safety better than a Dalmatian and it quickly got us … Continue reading
  • Dear MiracleCare: It’s Getting Hot Out, Should I Shave My Pet?   We hear it all the time, and to humans it totally makes sense: who wants to wear a coat when it’s hot out? That’s usually the thought process behind giving longhaired dogs a summer shave. Well, we’re here to … Continue reading
  • Let’s Brush Up on Grooming Tools Bristles, combs, and brushes, oh my! When it comes to shopping for the right grooming tools, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Below is a quick guide to help you figure out which brush … Continue reading
  • Memorial Day Fun! Memorial Day weekend is a celebration of the men, women, and canines who’ve bravely served our country, and can also be considered the official kickoff to summer – usually welcomed by BBQs, bathing suits, and sunshine. Most dogs really enjoy … Continue reading
  • Spring Cleaning – for Pets! At last, spring has sprung and you can finally open your windows for some crisp, fresh air – which, for us, usually prompts a good house cleaning to welcome the freshness from the inside out. So you’ve shampooed the carpets, … Continue reading
  • First Aid Awareness Month Just a reminder that April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, making it a good time to quickly check to make sure your home’s first aid kit is up-to-date and complete – and that, of course, includes provision for your … Continue reading
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What it Means to Kitty March 28 is Respect Your Cat Day and, while we’re sure you respect your favorite feline every day, we wanted to remind you that sometimes cats can be a little different when it comes to affection, which makes respecting them, … Continue reading
  • Cats and Hearts: It’s All Good News We’ve got good news for cat lovers this Valentine’s Day: cats are good for our hearts. And not just in a heart filled, feel-good way; we’re talking life-lengthening benefits. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Study conducted a study of … Continue reading
  • It’s Cat Health Month! February marks Cat Health Month, a reminder to show the love you have for your cat by keeping them as healthy and as happy as can be. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says dogs visit the vet an average … Continue reading
  • Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day January 22 is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. After a full year of meowing, they finally have one day to ask us the things that have been bothering them most! So, what do they want to know?? No matter how … Continue reading
  • It’s Walk Your Pet Month! As if we needed a dedicated month to remind us to get outside and stay active with our pets, January is Walk Your Pet Month, and we support it anyways! In honor of this energetic holiday we’ve complied a few … Continue reading
  • Indoor Winter Exercise Tips for Dogs Not only is it getting colder outside, but the sun is also shining for fewer hours than it does in the summer. You may not want to venture outdoors for exercise, but dogs need it regardless of the weather. To … Continue reading
  • Holiday Safety Tips: What Our Pets Should and Should Not Eat The holiday season is upon us! This is that carefree time of year when we check our healthy eating habits at the door and indulge in some of our favorite delicious recipes; us humans anyway. Although our furry friends might … Continue reading
  • Maintain the Mane Dog owners know that keeping up with coat maintenance is everything. Fur grows fast, and seemingly sheds even faster. Without proper maintenance, dogs may experience tangles and knots that trap dirt and ultimately make the mane look messy and unkempt. … Continue reading
  • Five Reasons Your Dog is Happy With You You are your dog’s favorite person in the world – you can leave the house for an hour and upon your return they will wag their tail in excitement and shower you with canine kisses. Have you ever wondered why … Continue reading
  • 4 Reasons to Give your Cat Supplements Are they really necessary? Do they really help? These are the questions we often hear when pet supplements are the topic of discussion. The answer is simple: when used as directed, supplements really do help improve your pet’s overall health. … Continue reading
  • What exactly is the “quick”, and why is it important? Your dog’s toenail consists of two parts: the nail itself and, the quick. The quick is the soft pink flesh below the growing part of the toenail that provides the blood supply to the nail. It’s important when clipping a … Continue reading
  • Tips for Keeping Kitty Cool This Summer As the temperature rises and the sun continues to shine, it’s important to remember our feline friends and all their furry glory. Cats don’t have the luxury we do of stripping down to their swimsuits and doing a cannonball into … Continue reading
  • Ear Mites! Scratching! Shaking! Rubbing! Oh my! You notice your pooch constantly messing with his ears and you wonder what could possibly be bugging him. As you take a look in his ear and notice some dark specs that look like coffee … Continue reading
  • Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears As a pet parent, you will do anything to keep your furry friend safe and healthy. Along with dental care, ear care is just as important. If you have ever looked into your dog’s ears you have probably seen the … Continue reading
  • Cat Grooming: What You Need To Know Cats are independent animals who mostly take care of themselves, but from time to time they need a little help from their pet parents. We all have seen cats clean themselves, which seems like an eternity of constant licking, but … Continue reading