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It’s Walk Your Pet Month!

As if we needed a dedicated month to remind us to get outside and stay active with our pets, January is Walk Your Pet Month, and we support it anyways! In honor of this energetic holiday we’ve complied a few recommendations to make these walks more enjoyable for you and your pet.

  • Keep your pet healthy with a daily dose of vitaminsvionate-8oz-400x400
    • Vionate® is the leading vitamin and mineral powder for dogs, cats, small animals, birds and
      reptiles. Boasting 21 essential vitamins and minerals, breeders, zoos, wild life preserves and pet stores have all used Vionate to improve overall nutrition for over 40 years. Sprinkle some onto your pet’s food each day to improve their overall health and make those nice long walks a little more comfortable
  • Keep your pet’s nails trimmed to a comfortable lengthproduct-Blue
    • Walking your pet when their nails are too long can be uncomfortable. Make sure you clip them with our QuickFinder® electronic safety nail clipper. It uses advanced technology to sense your pet’s quick, giving lighted visual clues when it’s safe to clip, when to be cautious and when not to clip. It’s fast, safe and easy and will make for a much more enjoyable outing!
  • Keep those ears nice and cleanUntitled
    • Dirty ears can be annoying and painful for pets, and being outdoors can increase the likelihood of dirt and debris buildup. After your walk, clean your pet’s ears with our ear cleaner pads. These pre-soaked convenient pads are safe, effective and can help prevent everyday ear issues that may come as a result of daily walks outside in nature.

So, if you hadn’t planned on it already, make time to safely and comfortably, get outside and walk your pet this month!

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