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Indoor Winter Exercise Tips for Dogs

Not only is it getting colder outside, but the sun is also shining for fewer hours than it does in the summer. You may not want to venture outdoors for exercise, but dogs need it regardless of the weather. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of five indoor exercise tips you can use to keep your dog healthy and active in the winter months. Some might even tire you out too!

1. Fetch
A fun way to engage your dog and get the blood pumping is a good ol’ game of fetch. Toss a ball or favorite fetch toy down the hallway and let your pup release that pent up energy.

2. Tug-of-war
Tug of war may not seem like the most vigorous exercise, but it takes a lot of strength and controlled breathing for a dog to get through a game.

3. Hide and Seek
With a game like hide and seek your dog will exercise his mind and body!

4. Stairs
Indoor cardio and strength training at its finest. Your dog will be wiped out by the end of a good stair session and the muscles in their legs will thank them for it.

5. Brain Games
Don’t forget to exercise the mind. Get a puzzle to hide some treats in and watch your dog work tirelessly to get them out.

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