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How To Use Foaming Waterless Shampoo

As the creator of the original Waterless Shampoo, we know a thing or two about skin and coat care.  Our waterless shampoo products have made bath time easier and more convenient for those of us with dogs who have an avoidance to water, older or larger dogs that are hard to maneuver into the tub or shower, or for those that have recently had surgery and cannot get wet.  Miracle Coat Foaming Waterless Shampoo offers convenient solutions that allows you bathe your dog anywhere without water.  To use, simply foam onto your dog’s coat, lather from head to tail, towel dry, and brush out.  Our unique formula leaves your dogs coat  smelling and feeling clean and fresh. 

Some of the benefits of waterless shampoo include:bailey

  • Low sudsing formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Tearless formula
  • Helps eliminate dryness, hot spots, and irritations
  • Requires no rinsing
  • Contains tea tree oil and jojoba oil

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