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Five Reasons Your Dog is Happy With You

You are your dog’s favorite person in the world – you can leave the house for an hour and upon your return they will wag their tail in excitement and shower you with canine kisses. Have you ever wondered why they are so happy with you? Well, we have a couple theories:

Because you feed them
Does this really need an explanation? Dogs love food just as much as we do, and they are very happy when they see it in their bowls.

Because you keep their smile healthy and fresh
Nothing is worse than a doggie-breath alarm clock, unless you use Miracle Care Oxy-Dental™ Spray. By using this specially formulated spray, you get to wake up to fresh breath and, whether they know it or not, your dog will be happier to have better oral health.

Because you care about their eyesight (after all, it is what they use to run up to you and shower you with love)
Aside from their sense of smell, a dog’s eyesight is of the utmost importance. Because you use Miracle Care Eye Clear®, your dog is free of bacteria that can cause infections in and around the eye so they can happily charge toward you when you get home from work.

 Because you keep their coat nice and clean
Dogs have other dogs to impress. That’s why they are so glad you use Spray-On Leave-In Conditioner & Lusterizer to keep their coats looking naturally beautiful!

 Because you LOVE them!
Dogs are fairly easy to please. Provide them with food, water, shelter and a lot of extra lovin’ and they’ll continue to be happy! For more information on what to feed, head to our Stewart® Learning Center!

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