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First Aid

Miracle Care™ Premium Care

Miracle Care has solutions for many ailments, wounds, rashes, and skin irritations. Depending on the circumstance, you many need a different, or many different of our premium care products.

Depending on how bad a wound is, Miracle Care™ Premium Care has solutions for your dog’s every medical need. Miracle Care™ Premium Products are designed to help dog wounds that are small and not urgent. If any wounds or cuts are deep and are visibly painful, take your dog to the vet immediately.

  • Miracle Care ™ Liquid Bandage helps very minor cuts and scrapes by first-aid-300x200discouraging biting and is waterproof. Very similar to Neosporin (for humans).
  • Miracle Care™ Anti-Septic Spray speeds healing for minor cuts
  • Miracle Care™ Pain Relief Lotion promotes healing and reduces pain around wounded areas where your dog is showing signs of pain
  • Miracle Care™ Wound Care Spray prevents infection and speeds healing on raw wounds

Some dogs develop a red rash called a hot spot that can be caused by bug bites, allergic reactions, or irritated skin. Once there is a small area of irritation, your dog may want to constantly lick and itch that spot, causing the area to spread and worsen.

Using Miracle Care™ Hot Spot and Skin Soothing Lotion before the irritated spot develops into a wound will stop the hot spot from spreading and getting worse. If the area has a deep, open wound and has spread over a large area, please see your vet immediately. Prescribed medications will help with hot spots that turned into a major problem.


  • Prevent hot spots by keeping hair shorter in the summer
  • Stay consistent on flea medication
  • Keep your dog regularly groomed
  • Miracle Care™ Hot Spot and Skin Soothing Lotion breaks down the hot spot and soothes the tender area. The bitter taste will be unappealing for your dog to lick, resulting in faster heal time
  • Before applying Miracle Care™ Hot Spot and Skin Soothing Lotion, shave the area where the hot spot is located to let it dry
  • If your dog still messes with the area, place a cone or e-collar around his head so he leaves the area alone
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