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First Aid Awareness Month

Just a reminder that April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, making it a good time to quickly check to make sure your home’s first aid kit is up-to-date and complete – and that, of course, includes provision for your pet. While most pet first aid kits are pretty similar to human ones and are intended to temporarily treat minor injuries, there are a few animal-specific additions we recommend:

  • Styptic Gel Swabs – intended to stop the bleeding of minor injuries, our Kwik Stop® has benzocaine to relieve pain and come in clean convenient single-use applicators. Also available in pads or powder.
  • Hot Spot Lotion. Soothes itchy, irritated areas and allows for proper healing.
  • Eye Wash. Intended to safely remove uncomfortable debris from the eye, our MiracleCare Sterile Eye Wash has a non-stinging formula safe for daily use.
  • Added wound care. A liquid bandage is easier to apply and keep on and provides a waterproof seal to keep out dirt and germs. We also offer an all-natural Wound Care Spray that helps heal and protect minor injuries with powerful Tea Tree Oil. (Not to be used on cats or puppies younger than 8 weeks.)

While we hope you never have to use any of these items, it’s always best to be prepared!

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