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Ear Mites!

Scratching! Shaking! Rubbing! Oh my! You notice your pooch constantly messing with his ears and you wonder what could possibly be bugging him. As you take a look in his ear and notice some dark specs that look like coffee grounds. You think it is dirt, but it could be ear mites.

What are ear mites?ear-mite-92x300

  • Ear mites are very tiny parasites that feed on wax and oil within the ear
  • Can also be passed from pet to pet
  • Without treating ear mites, they can cause blood vessels in your dog’s ears to rupture creating intense head shaking and scratching causing the ear to swell.


  • Miracle Care™ Ear Mite Treatment controls ear mites and ear ticks by gently cleaning with a Pyrethrin based liquid
  • Safe for both cats and dogs
  • Apply about 10 drops to ear, enough to penetrate through the ear wax
  • Repeat at 2 to 3 day intervals

Future Prevention:

  • Monthly treatments are a safe way to help prevent ear mites
  • If your dog recently has had ear mites, clean his bedding
  • Check other pet’s ears in the house to make sure the ear mites do not spread

Frequent ear cleaning with Miracle Care™ Ear Cleaner is safe enough for regular use. For more information about cleaning your dog’s ears click here.

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