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Ear Infections

If your dog is scratching his ears or the area around his ears, if there is brown or yellow discharge or you notice redness or swelling of the ears, your dog might have an ear infection.

When moisture or debris gets caught in the ear canal, bacteria or yeast can form, which is the most common cause of ear infections in dogs. In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, your dog might also experience the following:

  • Odor in the ears
  • Crusts or scabs on the inside of the ear
  • Head shaking or head tilt
  • Hair loss around the ear
  • Unusual eye movements
  • Hearing loss

A veterinarian can diagnose an ear infection by examining the ear and ear canal and easily treat it with a professional cleaning and prescribed medicine.

Ear problems are some of the most common complaints from pet parents. Dirty, smelly ears aren’t just annoying for pet owners; they’re dangerous and painful for dogs and cats. Miracle Care offers a complete system to help prevent and combat everyday ear issues.

Step 1: Ear Powder is used to help remove excess ear Untitledhair that can trap moisture, bacteria,
and odor in the ear canal. It can also help reduce waxy build up, leaving the ear canal open and clear.

Step 2: Ear Cleaner is a safe and effective grooming aid that helps to keep ears clean, remove ear wax, and reduce odors. Perfect for use before or after bathing and swimming.

Step 3: Ear Drying Creme is a unique liquid that dries to a powder, leaving a moisture barrier, which helps keep the ear dry and reduces ear odors.

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