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Dogs Who Make a Difference

seeing eye dog


August 7-12marks International Assistance Dog Week, a nod to the dogs who make it their job to act as their owner’s eyes and ears on a daily basis. These incredible animals endure rigorous training to become an invaluable part of their human’s lives and we love that this week draws attention to not only their efforts, but the efforts of their trainers, too.

Of course, as animal lovers, it’s hard not to immediately pet a dog we see on the streets (especially in sweet little vests), but it’s so important to recognize that these guys are working the monumental job of keeping their owner safe from harm – any distraction could mean an injury. Every assistance dog, and handler, is different though – if you really want to pet them (and believe us, we get it), just ask.

If you want to show your appreciation for service dogs, you can organize an event in your community or make a donation to the organizations who train these four-legged lifesavers. You could even become a trainer if you really wanted to! That’s the whole point of this week: to get involved! If there’s a facet of assistance dogs that you want to contribute to or learn more about, now’s the time to do it!

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