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Dog’s Helping Others

Dogs make great, loyal pets that we, as pet parents know will always be there to comfort us. Aside from our cuddly friends, there are some dogs who risk their lives just to save others. Working dogs go through extensive training, harsh conditions, and strict discipline just to please us.

There are many types or working dogs:working dog

  • Military Dogs
  • Police Dogs
  • Sled Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Guide Dogs

 Military dogs learn to stay silent when hiding out with troops during combat; they sniff out bombs and mines, and even attack the enemies. Military dogs, as well as police dogs, risk their lives to protect ours, which shows great companionship and pride. Sled dogs endure extreme cold temperatures, exerting themselves by running fast and pulling weight more than their own. Therapy dogs provide comfort to those with conditions such as PTSD and autism. These therapy dogs sense uneasiness with their master and provides happiness and warmth to make them feel better. Guide dogs help those who are in wheelchairs, or are deaf, or blind. The job of the guide dog is to protect their human in any situation. All of these dogs, who help us humans, willingly learn and understand the importance of keeping us safe, and they do it with flying colors. Like most of us who have our loving dogs at home waiting for us to greet them, let’s think about the dogs who are risking their lives and showing ample amounts of greatness.

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