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Does Your First Aid Kit Include Pets?















April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month! Time to make sure your home’s first aid kit is up-to-date and complete – and that, of course, includes your animals. While most pet first aid kits are pretty similar to human ones and are intended to treat minor injuries, there are a few animal-specific additions we recommend:

  • Kwik Tips™ are easy-to-use styptic powder applicators filled with our original Kwik Stop powder to stop bleeding and relieve pain.
  • Hot Spot Lotion. Soothes itchy, irritated areas and allows for proper healing.
  • Eye Wash. Intended to safely remove uncomfortable debris from the eye, we carefully crafted our Sterile Eye Wash to have a non-stinging formula safe for daily use.
  • Added wound care. A liquid bandage is easier to keep on and provides a waterproof barrier against dirt and germs.

In the event your pet needs to be treated for a small injury, remain calm. Wash your hands and make sure anything you’re using on the wound is also clean. Use mild soap and water or hydrogen peroxide to clean the area and dry it the best you can. Apply a bandage or liquid bandage and make sure your pet doesn’t fuss with it. Monitor the wound and, if necessary, consult your veterinarian for further treatment options. For a sprain, some first aid kits will have a wooden stick and gauze for a splint, which can work in a bind when on the trail (and, if it doesn’t, perhaps you should consider adding them to your travel kit.)

It’s always best to be prepared and educated – if you’re going somewhere an injury could occur, be sure to read up on temporary treatment options and, like we said, be sure your first aid kit is full and updated!

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