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Considering a Puppy for Christmas? What to Know Prior to Purchasing

woman hugging her puppy

Alright, Christmas is around the corner and the kids have been begging you for a puppy since May – now’s the time to decide whether or not they’re really going to get one. It’s really easy to romanticize the idea of getting your family a puppy for Christmas without thinking about how much work they are once the holiday cheer and novelty’s worn off, so we’re here to give you a gentle dose of reality and remind you what you’re in for.

  • Time. Be prepared to devote a lot of time to your new family member, primarily in the way of training but there will also be some sleepless nights, lots of waiting outside for successful potty breaks, and some adorable impromptu cuddle times.
  • Messes. They’re an inevitable part of pup-rearing. We highly recommend crate training to aid in house training and limit where they’re able to go if they really need to. Make sure you read up on proper crate training, but it can be a huge aid in teaching your pup the proper places to pee.
  • Chewed Things. A major downfall to young dogs is getting them through their chewing phase, but prevention can really help. Keep shoes, magazines, books, chords, or anything you don’t want destroyed out of their reach and provide plenty of other appropriate options for them to file those razor sharp puppy teeth on.
  • Money. Think food, vet bills, paying someone to watch them if you go out of town – these are all things your pup will need and they all cost money.
  • The Best Friend You’ve Ever Had. The best thing about having a puppy is raising a dog that’s innately tailored to your family’s lifestyle. With proper training and bonding, you can turn a puppy into an amazing lifelong companion for the entire family.

If this sounds a little overwhelming, consider an adult dog that already knows the basics when it comes to chewing, housetraining, and how to behave. No matter what, we’re sure there’s a perfect pet out there for your family; but if you’re having doubts, just take your time! You don’t have to meet a holiday deadline when it comes to bringing a new family member into your home.

If you do get a pet this holiday season we’d love to see your pictures in our pet gallery!

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