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Cleaning Dogs’ Ears: A Quick How To

cleaning dog ears

Ah, the ears of a dog: they certainly can’t be beat in the way of hearing, but they can absolutely get funky and infected. If you see your dog digging at their ears or tilting their head a lot, take a peek inside; if there’s waxy buildup and an odor: chances are, your pet has an ear infection and should be taken to the vet to gauge the severity and get a thorough cleaning. From there (or, if there isn’t a full blown infection), it’s up to you to perform routine maintenance to keep their ears clean. Not to worry, here’s a quick how-to using our carefully crafted Miracle Care ear care products:

  • For starters: have everything ready. Gloves, cotton balls (never swabs) or tissues, cleaner, and treats.
  • Open your pet’s ear and squeeze the cleaner deep into the ear canal; try to massage it into the base of the ear before your dog shakes their head – you should hear the cleaner squishing around in there. Feel free to distract them with low-calorie treats throughout this process.
  • Close your eyes and allow the inevitable headshake.
  • Re-open the ear and detail it with the cotton ball and/or tissues to really get the buildup out.
  • You can follow up with a drying crème to get rid of any residual moisture and thwart odor. Pro-Tip: Use the drying crème after baths and swims, too, to help avoid odor and infection.

As a general rule, it’s recommended to clean pets’ ears at least once or twice a month. Of course this process isn’t just about the wax and odor, it contributes to their overall health. If left untreated, ear infections can cause permanent damage to the ear that may require surgery to correct – plus, your pet’s in pain, and nobody wants that.

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