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Cats and Hearts: It’s All Good News

We’ve got good news for cat lovers this Valentine’s Day: cats are good for our hearts.

And not just in a heart filled, feel-good way; we’re talking life-lengthening benefits.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Study conducted a study of nearly 4,500 men and women that started in the 1970s. When the study started, all participants were free of cardiovascular issues and 55% reported owning a cat at some point in their lives. Twenty years later, the data was evaluated and found that those who never had a cat were 40% more likely to suffer a heart attack and 30% more likely to suffer cardiovascular disease including stroke, heart failure, and chronic heart disease.

Also interesting: they did not find the same link for those who owned a dog.

So, while cats and those who adore them can catch a lot of flack, we say keep on cat loving – and enjoy all the cardiovascular benefits that come along with it.

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