Miracle Care


CatGrass® Natural Grass

Most cat owners have seen their cat nibble on grass every now and then. This reason is not for nutritional purposes but for digestive support. For cats, there are many benefits to eating grass.

Benefits of eating grass:cat-eating-grass-300x200

  • Cats will eat grass to help relieve a hairball or other indigestible matter since grass is a natural laxative.
  • The juices in grass are quite similar to the cat’s mother’s milk, which contains folic acid.

Grass also helps with the production of hemoglobin, which is a protein that moves oxygen in the blood.

Miracle Care CatGrass® Natural Grass Features and Benefits:

  • CatGrass® Natural Grass is fresh grass that only needs to be watered once and will grow in one week
  • Grows right from the box or bag, making it very easy and convenient
  • CatGrass® Natural Grass in your home will ensure complete safety for your cat from harmful chemicals outside or toxic plants inside.

Cats have an instinctual sense when it comes to taking care of themselves. Cats will eat grass to feel better, so instead of sending your kitten outside to eat anything, feed her the safe and natural cat grass inside.

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