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Can Dogs Experience Psoriasis?

Crossbreed puppy scratching itself (2 months old)

If you’ve noticed
your pet scratching recently, you may be wondering if it’s simply a passing
phase or something bigger – but what? Just like with humans, dogs can experience
psoriasis when a compromised immune system attacks normal skin cells. This
causes an accumulation of t-cells that surface in the form of red (or silver)
itchy patches on your pet’s skin. While it can be genetic, psoriasis is most
commonly the physical manifestation of an allergy. Here’s a brief breakdown on
the symptoms and treatments.

Symptoms of
psoriasis include excessive itching and dandruff and dry red or silver scaly
patches on the skin, usually on the scalp, legs, and elbows. If you observe any
of these or see signs of bleeding due to excessive scratching it’s time to
consult your veterinarian, as a physical examination is needed for an accurate

The good news is that treating psoriasis is totally doable with topical treatments, an improved diet, and nutritional supplements like zinc, vitamin C, and omega fatty acids. Talk with your vet about other natural treatment remedies but, most likely, switching up their diet should do the trick.

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