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National Bird Day

6825299766_427607335b_cJanuary 5, 2015 is National Bird Day, so in honor of bird parents out there here are some fun facts about our feathered friends. Not only do birds make great pets, they are also quite interesting.

If you are thinking about getting a bird, a few things to remember are:

• Get a cage as big as you are able to afford
• Do not leave your bird in a cage for long periods of time, let the bird fly in a secured, bird-proof room
• Keep the cage in a warm area near activity, away from direct light and drafts
• Birds also hide that they are feeling ill, so knowing your bird well will make it easier for you to notice changes in behavior
• Feed your bird pelleted food instead of just seeds. Change up the food to fruits, vegetable, and grains
• Clean your bird regularly with Miracle Care™ Feather Glow Bath Spray

Some fun facts about birds:

• Birds have hollow bones that helps them fly
• The Ostrich is the largest bird in the world that lays the largest eggs and is the fastest running bird (97 kph)
• Hummingbirds can fly backwards
• Owls can turn their head almost 360 degrees, but cannot move their eyes
Give your bird a cracker and let him spend some extra time flying around today. For more bird care, click here.

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