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Avoiding a Dry Coat this Summer

Young Black French Bulldog Puppy Dog Sitting On Grass

Just like humans,
pets can suffer dry scalp as the weather warms up and the air dries out. While
it’s mainly unsightly and not much of a medical concern, it may cause itchiness
or discomfort – and no one wants that when they’re already just trying to beat
the heat. As the weather warms up, if you’re starting to notice a few flakes
and flecks in your beloved’s coat, here are a few care (and prevention) tips.

  • Brushing! Keeping your
    pet’s fur brushed isn’t just so they look nice, it evenly distributes their
    skin’s natural oils and stimulates the skin. It’s imperative to find the right brush, as anything too soft
    will be useless but too firm will aggravate the skin.
  • Bathing. Ridding your
    pet’s fur of dirt and debris removes irritants and, so long as you don’t
    overbathe, also helps to distribute and produce their skin’s natural oils. Be
    sure to rinse and dry thoroughly to avoid further drying out the skin and
    consider a shampoo with moisturizing and healing properties, like our Colloidal Oatmeal formula.
  • Moisturize. If your pet will
    let you, massage a moisturizer into their skin that’s fortified with nourishing
    and healing ingredients, like Tea Tree Oil. Make sure to be
    gentle, like you’re giving them a little spawday.
  • Eating Right. Sometimes dry
    skin is an indicator of a bigger issue, possibly a nutritional imbalance or
    deficiency. Your pet requires a certain amount of good fats to keep their skin
    healthy; if your pet’s dandruff doesn’t subside with regular grooming, consider
    switching to a higher quality diet.

Has your pet ever
suffered from dandruff? What are some ways you treated it? We’d love to hear
your personal tricks and tips on Facebook.

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