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Are Essential Oils Essential to my Pet?

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It seems like lately

we’re hearing more and more buzz about essential oils. Essential oils can be administered through diffusers, topically, or even ingested. In fact, Humans are going a little nuts with these pure extractions as a way of relieving stress and preventing or curing disease. And because human trends inevitably make their way to our pets, we just had to ask: are these trendy tinctures safe for our pets?

Think twice about that diffuser:

Most research indicates that pure essential oils are too concentrated for pets to enjoy. Smells can be overwhelming to their sensitive noses which have hightened scent receptors.

Never use an essential oil product on your pet that isn’t specifically pet-friendly:

Remember, what is deemed safe for humans could be dangerous to your pet.  Certain non-beneficial compounds can be quickly absorbed into their skin and cause possible damage to their organs.

These oils can be especially toxic to cats and should never be ingested by pets as it can cause liver damage. If you think your pet’s ingested pure essential oil, call your veterinarian.

What that being said, some essential oils can aide in flea/tick prevention or help with skin irritations (meaning pet shampoos with essential oils are a-okay) but be sure to use them as intended.  Never use a dog shampoo product on your cat or vice-versa.

Do you have a story about essential oils and your pet? We’d love to know more about your experiences and concerns – post your story to Twitter and be sure to mention @StewartPet.


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