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Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

January 22 is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. After a full year of meowing, they finally have one day to ask us the things that have been bothering them most! So, what do they want to know??

  1. No matter how much I clean my fur every day, I’m still smelly and dirty. What can I do to fix this?

We’ve got just the thing for you! Unfortunately your own saliva can only do so much. You may need a bath and yes, that involves water unless you use Miracle Coat Waterless Shampoo! We have a great selection of shampoos and conditioners. Not to mention, we also have a great line of grooming brushes that will get out the knots in your fur.

  1. I’m not sure if it’s my age, but I’m having trouble hearing you call for my breakfast and dinner. I hope I’m not going deaf- I still have 8 lives.

No need to worry about going deaf, it’s probably just a case of dirty ears. Our ear cleaning pads will unclog those ears and remove all the built up dirt. You’ll need help from your owner but this is truly an easy fix to your problem. We also have ear mite treatment should it be something more serious.

  1. Lately, when I’ve been hanging with cats that want to run around and be adventurous, but I just don’t have the energy like I used to when I was a kitten. Any advice?

Sometimes it’s harder for you housecats to get the balanced nutrition out of your daily food, than it is for those spry feral guys. Luckily, we have Vionate, which is a powdered supplement that mixes with your food. It contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals in a fortified corn base to help improve the overall health, performanceand lifespan for a wide range of species.

  1. I love wet food- it’s my favorite treat and I can’t resist! However, I have the worst bellyache after leading to accidents on the family rug. What do I do??

Slow down on the wet food. It’s a great treat but there are a lot of preservatives in most canned cat food that can cause stomach pains and digestive issues. Try our Tummy Soothe, it acts just how it sounds. A couple drops of this and you will be much better…along with incorporation of healthier eating habits of course.

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