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5 Tips For Eliminating Bad Dog Breath

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Even as pet lovers we struggle with dog breath, both with our own animals as well as others’. While offensively bad breath could be an indicator of a bigger health issue, there are certainly ways to beat the stink and thwart periodontal disease – the biggest being prevention. Here are 5 tips to help eliminate bad dog breath.

1. Brush their teeth.

Just like humans, regularly brushing your dog’s teeth prevents plaque and tartar buildup which can cause bad breath and keeps their teeth and gums healthy, as gum disease can also cause bad breath.

2. Provide plenty of chews.

Chewing is how many animals ‘brush’ their teeth, as it naturally scrapes teeth and strengthens gums which can help keep breath fresh.

3. Quality diet.

A quality diet is fully processed by your pet’s body and doesn’t leave unnecessary ingredients in their gut which can manifest into smelly burps and stinky breath.

4. Brushing alternatives.

If your pet simply won’t let you in their mouth, consider a swipe or spritz of an oral spray, like Oxy-Dental oral cleaner, which reduces plaque and tartar build up and immediately freshens breath.

5. Annual cleanings.

Just like humans, pets should undergo an annual dental exam and deep cleaning to keep their mouths in optimal condition. Between these appointments is when you should be executing the aforementioned preventative actions to keep their breath fresh all year.

How do you keep your pet’s mouth fresh and people friendly? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter! @miraclecarepet

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