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4 Reasons to Give your Cat Supplements

Are they really necessary? Do they really help? These are the questions we often hear when pet supplements are the topic of discussion. The answer is simple: when used as directed, supplements really do help improve your pet’s overall health. But, if you need more of an explanation, here are four reasons to give your feline friends supplements:

Increase Vitamin and Mineral Intake
If you want to ensure your cat is getting the vitamins and minerals he or she needs, supplements are the way to go. Since cats can only obtain their Vitamin D3 through food, products like Vionate® Vitamin Mineral Powder help ensure your cat will get the D3 and 20 other essential vitamins and minerals they need.

Increase Energy
With the right mix of vitamins and minerals in a healthy cat, spikes in energy are common. Don’t worry – your cat won’t be bouncing off the walls, they’ll just have enough energy to get them up on their feet and take an extra stroll around the house, which plays a big part in long-term health.

Improve Overall Health
Vitamins and minerals are essential to overall health. When your feline friends have the amount they need, you should see an improvement in daily performance, mood, and even fertility.

Ease of Use
It’s easy! Why wouldn’t you give your cat supplements when it’s as easy as sprinkling powder onto their food?

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